Multi-Purpose Backlinks Analyzer on Steroids

BacklinksXRay is an All-In-One URLs & Backlinks Intelligence Tool Designed to Speed-Up &
Streamline Your Daily Backlinks Research, Analysis and Monitoring Activities.

What Can You Do With BacklinksXRay?

Made for SEOs, by SEOs who understand the daily challenges
of Inbound Marketers in the Trenches.

Real-Time Backlinks Analysis

Don't wait for 24/48 hours or even Weeks to get a complete Analysis of your Backlinks Profile - With BacklinksXRay you will be able Analyze your Backlinks in Minutes. [Read More...]
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X-Ray Your Competitors

Easily Reverse-Engineer the Backlinks profiles of your competitors by extracting all available SEO data for each Backlink and duplicate their SEO Strategy to Outrank them. [Read More...]
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Detox Your Backlinks

Quickly determine the Risk-Factors of each of your Backlink, URL, Source-Domain allowing you to identify the potential Toxic-Links that might be hurting your Ranking. [Read More...]
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Identify Over-Optimization

With BacklinksXRay you'll be able to Identify & Eliminate Over-Optimization by analyzing all of the incoming Backlinks Anchor-Text to any Target-URL on your site. [Read More...]
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Monitor Your Backlinks

Stop paying pricey monthly fees to external Backlinks-Monitoring services, instead simply save your Project and with just a few clicks run periodic Backlinks checks. [Read More...]
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Run OnSite Checks

Instead of Checking & Analyzing your Inbound Backlinks-Profile - You can simply load any Site's actual URLs and Perform a bunch of detailed On-Page SEO Metrics Checks. [Read More...]
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Enhance Your JVs Outreach

Enhance your Outreach-Campaign for Guest-Posting, Media-Buying or Affiliate Recruitment by Evaluating & Filtering the site of each partner by critical SEO & Traffic Metrics. [Read More...]
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Merge All Backlinks Sources

With BXR you can finally Analyze a much more "Complete" Snapshot of your Backlinks-Profile by Exporting your Backlinks from all available Backlinks Sources. [Read More...]
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BacklinksXRay Will Help You Get Accurate Results FAST

We strived to create a Multi-Purpose Backlinks Research & Analysis tool that will be as Fast
& Accurate as Robotically possible while maintaining an Intuitive "3-Clicks" User Interface.

Lightning FAST Results
BacklinksXRay can Process 1000's of URLs in Minutes, enabling you to Check, Analyze & Monitor your Backlinks profile at a Lightning-Fast speed. [Read More...]
Real-Time Accurate Data
You'll get Accurate SEO-Metrics for each URL & Backlink without any "Lag-Time" or "Approximations" as all the data is extracted in Real-Time. [Read More...]
Let BacklinksXRay be your Swiss-Knife All-In-One solution for all of your Inbound Marketing Research, Analysis and Monitoring daily activities. [Read More...]

Discover New Ways to Visualize Your SEO Data

You can use BacklinksXRay to look at the different SEO-Metrics of your
Backlinks-Profile from many different angles with just a few clicks.

Customizable Visual Analysis Charts
Get Detailed Visual Charts of your Backlinks & Target-URLs.
Detailed Backlinks Detox Reports
Perform Backlinks Detox by Calculating the "Risk Factor" for Each Link.
Auto Pivot Table of Referring Domains
Forget About Pivot-Tables & vLookUps - With BacklinksXRay You Can Quickly Get Detailed SEO-Metrics For Each Referring Domain.
Moz Analysis-Charts per Target-URL
Generate Moz Analysis Charts for each Target-URL present in your Backlinks Profile - See all Referring Domains & URLs Authority.