Multi-Purpose Backlinks Analyzer on Steroids

BacklinksXRay is an All-In-One URLs & Backlinks Intelligence Tool Designed to Speed-Up &
Streamline Your Daily Backlinks Research, Analysis and Monitoring Activities.

Real-Time Backlinks Analysis

Don't wait for 24/48 hours or even Weeks to get a complete Analysis of your Backlinks Profile - With BacklinksXRay you will be able Analyze your Backlinks in Minutes. [Read More...]
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X-Ray Your Competitors

Easily Reverse-Engineer the Backlinks profiles of your competitors by extracting all available SEO data for each Backlink and duplicate their SEO Strategy to Outrank them. [Read More...]
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Detox Your Backlinks

Quickly determine the Risk-Factors of each of your Backlink, URL, Source-Domain allowing you to identify the potential Toxic-Links that might be hurting your Ranking. [Read More...]
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Identify Over-Optimization

With BacklinksXRay you'll be able to Identify & Eliminate Over-Optimization by analyzing all of the incoming Backlinks Anchor-Text to any Target-URL on your site. [Read More...]
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Monitor Your Backlinks

Stop paying pricey monthly fees to external Backlinks-Monitoring services, instead simply save your Project and with just a few clicks run periodic Backlinks checks. [Read More...]
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Run OnSite Checks

Instead of Checking & Analyzing your Inbound Backlinks-Profile - You can simply load any Site's actual URLs and Perform a bunch of detailed On-Page SEO Metrics Checks. [Read More...]
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Enhance Your JVs Outreach

Enhance your Outreach-Campaign for Guest-Posting, Media-Buying or Affiliate Recruitment by Evaluating & Filtering the site of each partner by critical SEO & Traffic Metrics. [Read More...]
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Merge All Backlinks Sources

With BXR you can finally Analyze a much more "Complete" Snapshot of your Backlinks-Profile by Exporting your Backlinks from all available Backlinks Sources. [Read More...]
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Windows XP/Vista/7/8

BacklinksXRay Will Help You Get Accurate Results FAST

We strived to create a Multi-Purpose Backlinks Research & Analysis tool that will be as Fast
& Accurate as Robotically possible while maintaining an Intuitive "3-Clicks" User Interface.

Lightning FAST Results
BacklinksXRay can Process 1000's of URLs in Minutes, enabling you to Check, Analyze & Monitor your Backlinks profile at a Lightning-Fast speed. [Read More...]
Real-Time Accurate Data
You'll get Accurate SEO-Metrics for each URL & Backlink without any "Lag-Time" or "Approximations" as all the data is extracted in Real-Time. [Read More...]
Let BacklinksXRay be your Swiss-Knife All-In-One solution for all of your Inbound Marketing Research, Analysis and Monitoring daily activities. [Read More...]

Discover New Ways to Visualize Your SEO Data

You can use BacklinksXRay to look at the different SEO-Metrics of your
Backlinks-Profile from many different angles with just a few clicks.

Customizable Visual Analysis Charts
Get Detailed Visual Charts of your Backlinks & Target-URLs.
Detailed Backlinks Detox Reports
Perform Backlinks Detox by Calculating the "Risk Factor" for Each Link.
Auto Pivot Table of Referring Domains
Forget About Pivot-Tables & vLookUps - With BacklinksXRay You Can Quickly Get Detailed SEO-Metrics For Each Referring Domain.
Moz Analysis-Charts per Target-URL
Generate Moz Analysis Charts for each Target-URL present in your Backlinks Profile - See all Referring Domains & URLs Authority.

Windows XP/Vista/7/8