Detox Your Backlinks Profile Accurately & FAST

BacklinksXRay Allows You to Identify Over-Optimization in your Incoming
Anchor-Text as well as the Backlink's Target-URLs.

The Main-URLs area shows the Risk-Factor values for each URL & Backlink including the actual Reasons & Details for that Risk-Factor Value.
There are 3 Tabs in the bottom analysis-pane you should look at when performing the Backlinks-Detox and Over-Optimization Checks.
Each Tab has different Visual-Charts allowing you to Analyze your Backlinks-Profile for Over-Optimization and "Toxic" URLs & Backlinks.
This is the "Backlinks-Tab" showing you High-Level SEO Statistical-Data about your Backlinks. It will enable you to identify critical Over-Optimization issues found inside your Backlinks-Profile.
This is the "AnchorText & TargetURLs" Tab showing all the Incoming Backlinks Anchor-Texts the to which TargetURL those Backlinks Point to so that you can Identify & Prevent UnNatural Over-Optimized.
Run the Backlinks-Detox check by selecting one or more Rows (URLs) with your mouse and click the Right-Mouse-Button - BXR will begin Calculating the "Risk-Factor" values for each URL & Backlink.