Enhance Your JV Partners Outreach

You Will Find BXR Invaluable when Filtering Your potential lists JV Partners
for Guest-Posts, Affiliates or Media-Buying.

Just click on the "Load-Project" button to Quickly load a Pre-Saved Project with a URLs-list you've already analyzed in the past and want to process again.
Instead of Loading a pre-saved project you can Enter your list of URLs here for BXR to Extract Valuable SEO-Metrics for Each URL and it's Base-Domain.
Another option is to load your list of Pre-Harvested URLs from File by pointing BXR to the Exported URLs file, BXR will know to Filter Duplicates and incorrect URLs.
In Case you want to add Additional URLs for your Checking / Monitoring session you can easily do this by clicking the "Add More URLs" Icon in the main Toolbar.
Extract a bunch of Valueable SEO-Metrics for each potential partner's site such as Domain Meta-Title, Domain PageRank, Site Size, Alexa and more.
BXR allows your several Export Options for different purposes. Using the Export functionality you can Further Drill-Down your Backlinks in Excel.

Extract Essential SEO Metrics for each URL

The Left-Pane is the URLs & Backlinks Data Area where you can monitor all your URLs & Backlinks SEO-Metrics in "Real-Time".
By Clicking on any Column's Header you can sort the Main-URLs-Table for that Column / Parameter and by Right-Clicking on it.
In the "Main-URLs-Table" Area BXR will show you the Checking Results of your URLs for further Drill-Down and Analysis.