Frequently Asked Questions

[+-] What is the difference between BacklinksXRay and other "Backlinks-Discovery" Services on the market?

Well, the major difference is that BacklinksXRay doesn't "Discover" your site's backlinks for you instead BXR is a Multi-Purpose Backlinks Analysis, Detox and monitoring Solution - Lightning Fast and Easy to Use.

[+-] What do I need to be able to Analyze my Backlinks using BacklinksXRay?

You only need to have your Backlinks-Profile URLs List, Simply import your Backlinks into BXR and it will do the rest for you, Enabling you to Drill-Down and Analyse your Backlinks-Profile and Extract SEO Parameters that no other SEO tool or service on the market right now offers. Don't take our word try BXR yourself and be the judge.

[+-] What are the System-Requirement to Run Backlinks on my Computer?

Currently BXR will run only on Windows (XP/Vista/7/8). You will need to have a Processor of at least 1 Giga Hertz (GHz) with at least 4 GB RAM (32 or 64 bits)

[+-] How many projects can I manage with BacklinksXRay?

With the BXR FULL-VERSION you have an Unlimited amount of projects you can work with. Just Save each project to file and load it whenever you like.

[+-] By Lightning-Fast Speed what do you mean?

We mean that BXR is the Fastest Backlink Analyzer on the market it can process 1000's of URLS in a matter of minutes. Don't believe us? Download the FREE-VERSION and take BXR for a Test-Drive.

[+-] Do I have to Use Proxies when using BXR?

No, But you will have to increase the Delays between the different Checks considerably to prevent your IP from Being Blocked by the Search-Engines.

[+-] I've loaded a list of Proxies but I see that all of them are NOT_WORKING, What should I do?

Proxies can come in different Types and Quality levels. The best proxies are "Private-Proxies" lists which you pay for monthly and only you or very few other users have access to them, which prevents those proxies from being block by the search-Engines. We have a Proxies Review Page where you can find the best Proxy Service providers based on our experience.

[+-] How will BXR help me with my Backlinks-Detox Needs?

BXR has multiple Modules to help you out with your Backlinks-Detox needs, When performing Detox on your Backlinks BXR will assigned a value of 0-5 to each URL & Backlink reflecting their "Toxicity / Risk Factor" you can actually see the "Reasons" for each value so that you can personally decide and have the "Final-Say". Unlike other services that have "Secret Proprietary" Formulas that no-one else knows about which add an Unnecessary Mystery & confusion to the whole Detox-Process.

[+-] What do you mean by saying “Real-Time Analysis” what the “Real-Time” Stands for?

Well, by “Real-Time” we actually mean 2 different but related Features of BXR. The 1st one is that During the URLs & Backlinks Check BXR will Display the actual Extracted SEO Data in Real-Time on the Left & Bottom Panes of the main window allowing you to “Gauge” your Backlinks-Profile without waiting for the whole check to complete which will quite often save you valuable time if you notice something is wrong after only few seconds. The 2nd “Real-Time” Feature of BXR you are able to Check, Analysis & Monitor your Backlinks-Profile in just a few minutes ( Might be hours on Rare Huge Backlinks lists) thus getting the Critical Information in Real-Time instead of waiting for 24/48 hours or even weeks for the Service to “Refresh / Update” your Backlinks-Profile. So Real-Time in this case means NO “Lag-Time”.