FAST & Accurate Multi-Purpose Backlinks Analyzer

We strived to create a Multi-Purpose Backlinks Research & Analysis tool that will be as Fast & Accurate as Robotically possible while maintaining an Intuitive "3-Clicks" User Interface.

Lightning Fast Results

BacklinksXRay is fully Multi-Threaded so you can Analyze, Detox & Monitor your Backlinks at a Lightning-Fast Speed.
With just 1 Mouse-Click you can Quickly Execute a bunch of Advanced Checks on any Pre-Selected URL.
BXR has a Built-In Proxy Checker & Manager to make sure you will get the most Accurate Results as Fast as possible.

Real Time Accurate Data


With BXR You Can Quickly Reverse Engineer Your Competitors' Backlinks In Just a Few Minutes.
Multiple Visual Real-Time Analysis Modules that reflect the Raw-Extracted Backlinks Data in the Main-URLs-Table
You have several detailed Backlinks-Detox Modules to help your Clean-Up your Backlinks-Profile
Instead of loading your Backlinks-Profile you can load your Site's URLs and Perform various OnSite-Optimization Checks.
By quickly Importing new URLs into any of your Projects you can Integrate BXR with your other SEO Tools & Services.
You can Search a list of URLs for one or more Custom STRINGs on the page itself or the Underlying HTML Source Code.
BXR allows your to Drill-Down your Backlinks-Data by Searching for specific values in any of the 40 Columns per URL.
Enhance your Harvesting & Filtering of Potential JV Partners by Extracting Critical SEO Data for every URL.
BXR has several Export Settings providing you the flexibility you need when working with External SEO Tools & Services.