Identify Over Optimization

BacklinksXRay Allows You to Identify Over-Optimization
in your Incoming Anchor-Text as well as the Backlink's Target-URLs.

The URLs-Table area shows all available SEO Metrics for each URL & Backlink - You can Data-Mine this list to find any Backlinks Over-Optimization Issues.
There are 2 Tabs relevant for Over-Optimization Analysis - The 1st is the "Backlinks" Tab and the 2nd the "AnchorText & TargetURLs" Tab.
Each Tab Offers Customizable Visual Backlinks Analysis Charts reflecting various Metrics for each of URL & Backlinks in your list of URLs.
You can easily Analyze the Incoming Anchor-Text Vs. Target-URLs Distribution Rates by Clicking on the bottom AnchorText & TargetURLs Analysis-Tab.
Quickly filter your Backlinks list, by any given Target-URL, or by a specific Anchor-Text, which will allow you to identify & Resolve Over-Optimzation Issues.
By selecting a "Sub-List" from the Search Results and Clicking the Right-Mouse-Button you can execute Advanced-Checks on the Sub-List such or run a Detox.