Analyze All of Your Backlinks-Sources All In One Place

Merge All of Your Backlinks from all Possible Sources to One Centralized "Mega-List".

If you want to Re-Analyze or simply Re-Check / Monitor your Backlinks from a past project - Simply Load the Pre-Saved project from file.
Easily Add your Backlinks from as many Sources as you want - BXR will Remove Duplicates and variations of "www." / "http://" Etc... and leave only Unique URLs.
Enter your Target Domains - BXR will go over each URL (Page) and check if there is one or more Backlink(s) pointing to any of the Target-Domains you've entered.
Using the "Add-URLs" Feature you can "Import" your Backlinks from any major "Backlinks-Source" such as Moz, Majestic, aHrefs or GWT - With just 2 Clicks.
Once you've Imported all of your Backlinks from all possible Sources to BXR - Your "Complete" Backlinks-Profile is ready for Analysis, Detox or Monitoring.
Now that you have your Backlinks from all Sources All-In-One Centralized List you're ready to execute any of the Advanced Checks you see on the right.