Monitor Your Backlinks With Just 3 Clicks

Stop Paying Pricey Monthly Charges for Online Backlink Monitoring Services.

With the Save & Load buttons You can "Save" & "Load" your projects with all the Backlinks Data for Later Analysis and Daily or Weekly Backlinks Monitoring.
If you don't have a Pre-Saved Project - You can simply Copy-Paste your URLs from any External Source such as a CSV / XLS file or any other External Tool or Service.
To make sure that the backlinks are actually Present you'll need to Enter your Target-Domain here - This is the Target-Domain your backlinks should be pointing to.
In Case you want to add Additional URLs for your Checking / Monitoring session you can easily do this by clicking the "Add More URLs" Icon in the main Toolbar.
By simply selecting one or more Rows (URLs) with your mouse and clicking the Right-Mouse-Button you can activate the Advanced-Checks on the selected URLs list.
The BXR allows your several Export Options for different purposes. Using the Export functionality you can Further Drill-Down your Backlinks in Excel or any other tool.