Automate OnPage SEO Metrics Checks

By loading your Site's URLs BXR can help you Identify potential OnPage Issues.

To perform OnSite SEO Checks you will need to Add / Import your site's URLs(Page) instead of your Backlinks-Profile's URLs.
There are no "Target-Domains" involved in OnPage Checks so you'll need to "Check" the above Check-Box so that BXR won't try to Check any Backlinks to any Target-Domains.
You still can use the Custom-String-Search Feature. For example maybe you want to check if some your site's pages contain a specific STRING or a combination of STRINGs.
Run Advanced Data checks on your Site's Pages by Selecting Some or All of the Rows (URLs) Using the Mouse and Clicking the Right-Mouse-Button.
Search for a specific STRING in all of your URLs-Data-Rows by pressing CTRL_F - Helpful when you want to Filter for a specific Anchor-Text or Target-URL.
By Right-Clicking on any Column-Header and selecting the "Filter-Editor" Item from the Menu you're able to Filter your URLs-Data-Table according to your needs.