X-Ray Yours or Your Competitors Backlink Profiles

Easily Reverse Engineer Your Competitor's Backlink-Strategy In just a Few Clicks.

Just click on the "Load-Project" button to Quickly load a Pre-Saved project containing the Backlinks-Profiles of your competitor for further Analysis.
If you don't have a pre-saved project - Simply enter your competitor(s) Backlinks-Profile(s) here for BXR to Check & Analyze their Backlinks.
This is the Target-Domains Section - Where you should Enter your Competitor(s) Domain(s) you want to Check the Backlinks-Profile against or load the list from file.

3 Separate Backlinks X-Ray Modules

This is the Main-Data-Table - Here you will see the Data that BXR will extract for each URL. The Analysis-Tabs at the bottom of the application window reflect this Data.
You can easily switch between the available Analysis-Tabs by clicking on each one of them will show you a different Angle of Backlinks-Profile.
The "Chart-Modules" in some of the Tabs are fully Customizable - You can move them around, Zoom In / Out and decide what Backlinks-Data each Chart will show.